Hostel Rules

. 1.Boarders will compulsorily speak in English among themselves.
2. Boarders will maintain strict discipline. Their conduct, language, relationship with other boarders will be constantly monitored. Indiscipline will mean expulsion from the hostel.
3. A boarder should take care of his personal belongings and belongings of others.
4. Boarders are prohibited to bring any costly article to the hostel such as Transistors, Camera, Tape-recorder, Albums, Magazines, Playing Cards, Mobile Phone, SIM, MP4, Pen Drive, iPod, Memory Card, CD, DVD or any type of storage device ,ornaments, cosmetics & money etc. If any boarder is found with such articles/ items, it will be destroyed at the same time and will not be returned.
5. Boarders shall maintain cleanliness in the hostel, dining-hall, common room and the hostel environs.
6. Boarders are not allowed to visit residential accommodation of any staff member.
7. Telephonic conversation between the parents and the boarders is not encouraged. However, parents may talk to the wards on every Sunday between 10:00 am and 04:00 pm as per the convenience of the hostel warden.
8. A boarder is not allowed to go out of the hostel premises without principal’s permission.
9. Boarders have to adhere to the school guidelines displayed on the hostel notice board from time to time.
10. Boarders will set an example of discipline in the dining hall, common room, dormitory, playground etc.
11. Money transactions and exchange of gifts is not allowed in the hostel.
12. Parents are not permitted to visit the hostel dormitories under any circumstances.
13. Friends, distant relatives and visitors will not be allowed to meet the boarders without proper identification.
14. Boarders are not allowed to go out or call tutors for tuition.
15. Boarders are not allowed to visit guardians or their homes during working days or at the end of each term.
16. Vacation time may also be utilized for educational tours, remedial teaching etc. Parents are expected to extend their support.
17. Boarders will choose/elect their own council for supervision, organization of various programmes and activities to assist the hostel warden.
18. Food parcels from parents are strictly prohibited. These will be distributed among all boarders if received by any hosteller.
19. A boarder if found using unfair means during any exam will be expelled from the hostel and school.
20. Boarders will wear specific kit for every event / function.
21. Boarders are not allowed to wear bathroom slippers outside the dormitory.
22. Failure to abide by hostel rules and regulation or no academic progress shown by the child, the principal has the right to ask a parent to withdraw the child from the hostel.
23. Boarders who are asked to be withdrawn by the parents or those who are expelled by the school authority will not be entitled to any refund of boarding fee.
24. It is compulsory for all the boarders to attend the educational tours organized by the school from time to time.
25. In case of emergency, if any boarder is to be operated medically, the school has all rights to take the decision in favour of the situation.
26. School will not be held responsible if a boarder leaves hostel without permission. If it happens, such boarder will be taken back neither in hostel nor in school and no refund of any type of fee will be made.
27. In case of any health problem of a boarder, school will provide the facility upto school first aid if a boarder visit to hospital in any case every expenses is to be borne by parent (s).
28. If any tour/camp organised by school, the school is authorised to take its own decision i.e no consent is required from the parents