Boarders are not permitted to go home during the school term except for in a few cases as mentioned below:

1. Student may be allowed maximum leave for three days for the wedding of their real brother or sister.
2. Leave shall not be granted during examination or close to examination.
3. Leave may be granted for some particular treatment of the student.
4. Leave shall be granted only on written request made to the principal by parents.
5. No leave shall be granted on the student’s request and no leave shall be granted on the request made by parents through telegram / fax / e-mail etc.
6. Parents should obtain proper out-pass from the principal indicating the date and time, when the student is to return after leave. If the student does not return on the due date then Rs.100/- will be charged per day. The same rule applies for returning late after the summer winter or any other vacations.
7. If a student remains absent due to some illness, medical certificates showing sickness and fitness separately should accompany the leave application.
8. Principal reserves all rights to grant/cancel leaves in special cases.